How to make a Totem rerun

If you feel like you might want to make a rerun of Totem here is how we would recommend you to do it. Of course you are welcome to do it in any way you want, but we thought that it might be easier with a step-by-step guide.

1) Find a group of organizers who are turned on by the thought of making a rerun of a pretty awesome larp.

2) Read through the material. Is something hard to understand? Does something seem to be missing? If so, ask the original organizers or make it up yourselves.

3) Write a project description detailing what you want to do and how you want to do it.

4) Find a location. You will need an outdoor area (well…it possibly could be indoors as well if you wanted to switch things around a bit) where you can make the different parts of the scenography.

5) Fundraise. You will probably need to find some money besides the player fees. Use your project description in the fundraising process. The larp can be run without external funding, but in that case you will need to find a cheap (or free) location and so forth.

6) Set a date for the larp and dates for workshops. Workshop dates should probably be placed within two months of the larp.

7) Make a homepage. Most of the text can be cut out from the Totem rerun homepage, but you will probably have to prune it a bit to fit your purpose. Present clearly what players can expect from the larp and what you expect from them (particularly participation in workshops).

8) Design and run the workshops. Check out the workshop resources for assistance on how to run a pre-larp workshop for Totem. We might also be available to help run the workshops if you have the budget to fly one or more of us in.

9) Plan and build the scenography. Check out the scenography resources for ideas on how to construct the scenography.

10) Run the larp. Check out the guide for runtime gamemastering.

11) Aftercare. Debrief and evaluate with the players.

12) Give us feedback on how it went.