If needed you are welcome to contact one or all of the original designers of Totem. If you are setting up the game we would love to hear about it and maybe even participate.

To contact the organizers individually see below.

Kristoffer Thurøe (
Kristoffer have been playing and designing larps for more than 15 years and teaches workshop- and character design at the Larpwriters Summerschool in Vilnius. In his everyday life he plays the role of a project coordinator in the culture development sector in Copenhagen.

Mathias Kromann
Mathias has been part of the design and production team on a great deal of groundbreaking Nordic larps (sysdc, totem, delirium, beforewewake), but has managed, so far, in great extend to remain somewhat anonymous. It is said that some of the people he collaborated with still only know him by his old opusforum handle. He is is now a soon to be architect (if he manages to pull his finger out of the arse, and actually do some work)

Peter Andreasen (
Peter Andreasen was the creative director of System Danmarc (2005), conceptual founder of the co-created games Totem (2007) and Delirium (2010). He now remorsefully neglects larp as he toils in the fields of theatre and modern dance as a production and stage manager.

Peter Munthe-Kaas (
Peter is particularly engaged in the Danish style of pre-larp workshopping and has done several presentations (so-called workshop-workshops) in the European larp community. When not larping Peter is doing research on public sector innovation in the municipality of Copenhagen.

Rasmus Høgdall (
Rasmus has been playing and designing larps for around 20 years. When not designing larps, he is designing adverts, create products, visual identities and solve problems in the advertising industry.