The wall dividing the participant from the character in Totem was very thin and thus many participants were very personally affected by the experience. Right after ending the larp we worked a lot with debriefing, to allow the players to work with their experience in a calm and safe fashion.

I wish I could explain it to outsiders, but I doubt that they will ever understand. They have missed so much and therefore you [Totem] will always have a special place in my heart. We have experienced this with and against each other. We have built up and teared down, but first of all we have done it together. (female player post-game)

It was very hard to let go of the Totem. It has been wonderful to achieve some distance to it. I am now thinking that it was a positive experience. I have no doubt that it was the craziest experience in a hundred years. I did not know that a larp could hit me this hard. It was a brutal experience. (female player post-game)

We recommend a full day of debriefing/afterparty after a run of Totem.